Voice Over

Before becoming a producer/director, I trained and worked as an actor both on stage and TV. My credits include episodes of Bugs and Monsignor Renard but as producing work beckoned, so the acting faded into the background.

Over the past few years however I have established myself as a voice over artist. I have voiced pieces for Channel 4 and worked as resident voiceover on MusFlash TV’s Film and DVD magazine show for a year. I also trained and worked with other voice over artists on the channel and as senior producer co-ordinated all voice over production.

My other credits include major corporate entities such as Mars and Unilever as well as Children’s charity Starlight whose Channel 5 series “For the Children” was a huge success.

My client list is constantly growing and I’m always happy to undertake new work both in my own Studio in South West London or wherever I may be needed.